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Description: Cimarron (Pietta) Texas Ranger Commemorative 1873 SAA revolver. Order. 45LC caliber, 4 3/4" barrel, intricately engraved polished nickel metal, pre-war frame. $655 plus $30 shipping. Bluing is 85% and the barrel's bore is in excellent condition. At Ranger Firearms we strive to provide you with exceptional, face-to … New in box--NIB. This Texas Ranger is in very good condition. Texas Ranger 6 shot, Model Tex-22 single-action revolver. Each revolver is numbered within the edition limit of 250 and is accompanied by a Certificate of … The 1873 Single Action Army model, known as the Peacemaker or simply six-shooter, became the standard sidearm of the postwar military, the Texas Rangers, and the majority of cowboys across the plains. The Texas Department of Public Safety will acquire 4,000 SIG SAUER P320 pistols for service use throughout the TXDPS Highway Patrol and Texas Rangers. The Tex-22 uses .22 LR ammunition. TR logo engraved on both simulated ivory grips. The Texas Ranger revolver was a Belgium copy of the Spanish EIBAR model 1929 revolver, made sometimes in the 1930's. Chuck Norris as Texas Ranger J.J. McQuade holding his nickel Smith & Wesson Model 29 in Lone Wolf McQuade (1983). The Texas Rangers are part of the history of Texas and the Old West. Ranger Firearms - San Antonio, Texas We are a full-service, locally owned brick-and-mortar store that opened in 2014. The Colt revolver remained preeminent among such arms in Texas and throughout the West for the remainder of the nineteenth century. Belgium Texas Ranger 38 COLT SPL Description: Belgium Texas Ranger 38 COLT SPL Description: Metal finish is 25%, has some patina.Lock up okay, but gun is likely non functional. In honor of their vigilance and service, Cimarron Firearms Co. has partnered with the Texas Rangers Museum to bring you this beautiful laser engraved Texas Ranger Frontier. I wish to reserve the “The Texas Ranger Bicentennial Tribute Colt ® Single Action Army ® Revolver“, a working Colt SAA revolver at the current issue price of $3,195. Cylinders are all very good, bore has some pitting. While Sam Colt may well have invented the five-shot and later six-shot repeating revolvers, the Texas Rangers certainly discovered their utility. Phrase "One Riot, One Ranger" engraved on ejector rod. You are looking at an F.I.E. Comes in factory box with all papers. A Texas Ranger stationed in Austin exercised "poor judgment" in an incident where he pulled over and pointed his gun at a driver, DPS found. This gun was manufactured in Italy and imported by F.I.E., Miami Florida. Chuck Norris as Col. James Braddock firing his M60 machine gun … The Colt Paterson revolver caused a revolution on the Texas frontier as the pendulum of warfare swung in favor of the Rangers. Nobody knows who made these "pirate copies". The gun has a 6-1/2" barrel. Since stamping of firearms was not mandatory in Belgium at that time, just made it easy to pirate cheap guns.

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